Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Got The Beast And There Are Snakes Abound

I was up and down most of the night.  It just didn’t feel right not sleeping in the RV.

I went to West RV Repair to pick up the Beast.  I made sure to have the front door key because they locked it by mistake.  Now I thought I had a key to the Beast.  I do but not to the dead bolt.  At least I don’t know where it’s at…Carol…never mind.  I told them to just to slide one of the three windows that were unlocked and go on in via a ladder. I’m surprised they didn’t figure that out.  They chuckled and completed the mission with no problem.  I went up on the roof with them and they explained all the work they did and answered all my questions.  Very professional.  The last two times at Newmar to replace the roof each time I got a “Here, sign this.”

I hooked the Jeep up and started back to the lot.  I caught Greg and Terri-Lu as they were leaving.  We said our See Ya’s and they departed.  Good people and fun to be around.  They are involved with the military S.M.A.R.T. RV Club. 

I get back to the lot and want to level the Beast up perfect.  It will be setting until almost next Year almost.  At least that is the plan.  I was getting some old wood blocks that were laying in front of the barn and look what I found.DSCN1311

I think I heard Carol screamed from Baltimore when she reads this..  I went and got Wane & Beth next door.  They said it was , key word “was”, a copperhead.  Wayne beheaded it.  Oh well, time to be a little careful.

It took me about 15 minutes to level the Beast and it’s perfect.

It started to do a light rain later, nothing major.  Good thing it did.  I was thinking about washing the Beast now I have a reason not to.

I verified on line with the postal service that Newmar received my letter to the CEO around noon.

About 2 hours later I get a call from Newmar Customer Service.  I was informed that Newmar was going to replace our large awning material.  They just replaced the brackets at Newmar.  The awning had wear marks from Indiana to Texas.  None before they worked on it. I complained about it of course.  They asked if West RV Repair could do the work.  No problem.  The Customer Service guy acknowledged that he knew my letter was at Newmar.  The new saga will begin at their end now.  Speaking of end, poo might run down hill but sometimes the smell goes back to the very top.

Anyhow, the night was exciting.  It continued to rain.  Here’s the exciting part.  It’s 8 PM and pitch black out.  It’s raining.  I had to lock the Jeep which is behind the mobile near the woods.  I went out there and as I’m locking the Jeep something brushes my leg.  I had snake on my mind. I think I jumped not only over the Jeep but the mobile too.  It was high.   It was a tall weed.  Now I’m awake for the debate and for what ever else is on TV for the night and part of tomorrow.  I’m awake.

See ya….