Monday, October 22, 2012

Texfest Monday In Livingston

No state sticker for the Jeep window.  So, I went into town first thing this morning I got a duplicate one.  I was in and out in less than 5 minutes.  That’s great.  Since I already got the Jeep inspected, it’s all legal now.

Been fun so far at the Texfest.  A lot of people.  Here they are eating lunch.  It was Bud’s brisket.  I didn’t have any.  Instead….DSC_0002 I helped Mark DSC_0001 at the Free Beers tasting booth.  That was a hoot.  We had to open each can and make sure it was the right temperature.  I had to go back and sleep for an hour and half.DSC_0003

A family who dumpster dives together stays together. DSC_0007

“I think we can get a nickel for this.” Mark is saying, “I don’t care as long as I get the beer inside of it.DSC_0008

At the social hour they had games.  I volunteered to be the first guinea pig for “Minute To Win It.” I won  the game and as a prize I won a beer and holder.  Also a free lunch tomorrow for Mark’s pulled pork.  Then at the door prize drawling I won a large canvas carrying bag.  It’s a pretty good one too. 

I stayed for dinner that in my opinion was NOT worth the $9.50, not even close.  It was some type of chicken casserole and the chicken pieces were canned.

I stayed on for movie.  It was True Grit.  I don’t think I ever saw it all the way thru at one setting.  I liked it and the popcorn.

See ya………