Friday, October 12, 2012

Newmar Saga Continues

West RV Repair showed and went to work right away on our roof.  They said that the wrong products were used in the joint of the end caps, wrong sealer, and wrong sticky tape.  I handed the phone to the repair guy with Newmar on the line.  Newmar says no they didn’t.  That’s just great.  All new materials (correct) are going on the roof next week. The ones that this repair guy says are the correct material.  He said that Newmar used materials that are usually for a rubber roof and not on a fiberglass roof.  Gee, Newmar was installing a rubber roof at the same time my second fiberglass roof was going on.  The story is getting interesting.  West RV is putting a temp seal on the roof for now due to expected weekend rain. I will take it to their shop first thing Monday.  They said a couple of days to get the old stuff off and new stuff on.  These guys seem to know what the hell their doing more than Newmar’s repair shop.  Ain’t that something.  I got very forward with Newmar and asked for a dealer that could give some special consideration on a new RV.  They said no.  I asked to speak to someone else (boss) and the reply was basically no and that he would hand it over to their Consumer Affairs.  Bull is what it is……or passing the buck to another department is more like it. I’m pissed so I will quit this blog….

See ya.