Saturday, October 20, 2012

Geo Bachelor Continues

Will, the Jeep didn’t have any of the required two Texas stickers in the windshield.  One was the state inspection and the other was the registration sticker.  The registration sticker was lost when they replaced the windshield a few months back.  The inspection sticker was never had.  So, today was get it inspected and that’s how I started the day.  Next week I will go to DMV and get a duplicate window registration sticker.

Then I went to see my Mom in the local nursing home down the road.  She likes her new electric cart I got her a couple of months ago.  She’s doing fine and likes the nursing home.  She’s the bingo queen there. 

Next was Walmart.  I was running out of food and underwear.  I saw another geographical bachelor while I was there, Cathy Carr.  I got some TV dinners and no fat snacks too.

Yesterday I did managed to work in the laundry late.  I even used soap.  As a matter of fact, I used several different soaps.  Since I had one large load with different colors and fabrics I figured I should use the different soaps that were available in the mobile. It all worked out fine I guess.

It was the little boys racing in NASCAR so I watched that.

Carol called.  She has a return flight for Saturday night November 3.  I guess I should pick her

The 4 o’clock social at the Escapees Activity Center was bigger than normal.  Afterwards a lot of us went to Florida's for dinner.  DSCN1315I had their catfish.  I really like it.  Most people brag about their ribs but I say it’s pretty good but not real good.  Catfish is the way to go.

It was Jim’s birthday so he got sung to.  He was embarrassed…..funny…DSCN1317

Here’s Jim enjoying his birthday ice cream. DSCN1319


I caused a line to get out.  I was overcharged by about $3 and they were correcting it.  Then they tried to give me $10 too much back.  They finally got it right but the line grew.DSCN1322

A few of us went over to Mark’s.  I got to show some Alaska pictures.DSCN1323

Then we sat out on his porch with his fake fire pit.  It was nice.

The other night we had dinner here.  Mark smoked a pork butt.  Here’s the picture I got back then.  That was good!DSCN1312

See ya…….