Thursday, October 4, 2012

Back to Full Timing With Wheels - NOT

It is so strange staying in a motel and it’s been 3 nights so far.  Give us that house on wheels.  If we get bored we have the option of moving.  I guess the fact that we are “stuck” here with no real options is the part we don’t like.  We are here because we have to be here and not out of a real choice.  So be it!

At 7:30 AM this morning we got a call from Newmar service and asked if we could stay another night in the motel.  Yes of course.  Don’t want to rush them.  Newmar said the Beast would go to paint today and spend the night inside.  Then tomorrow (Friday) they put on the awnings and toppers.

Around noon we got a call from Newmar Customer Relations.  Our fuel check was ready to pick up.  We went and picked it up and took it to their local bank.  No problem cashing it.  A quick trip to DQ for Carol’s malt and me a chili cheese dog.  I haven’t had a DQ dog in years.  I dropped Carol off downtown to shop and I went back to the room to vegetate.  High 70’s today.  A cold front and rain coming in tonight and Friday.  We will probably leave Saturday and head south for about 1,100 miles unless we need to go in a different direction.  Never can tell…

For dinner we had Pizza Hut’s $10 deal.  Wow…..

See ya….