Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scratches On The Beast

Those damn trees.  These scratches happened a couple of months ago while driving around a Cracker Barrel.  I got both sides at once and very evenly I may add.  If you’re gonna do it, do it right.  That was a first for me. Both sides at once.  Done it with the Jeep when it was barely a week old but not a motorhome.  I thought the small tree branches weren’t going to leave any marks – WRONG dragon breath as Johnny Carson use to say.  Well, I didn’t get to cleaning those off today.  However, I did spend 3 hours washing and wiping down the Beast, cleaning the tires and making the wheels shiny again.   It’s looking good!

Lunch Time.  On Thursday’s a few of the Escapees Hq people go to this little Mexican restaurant down the road.  You go thru the door of the orange building and it’s just like your down in Mexico.  It’s not really a dive, it’s just different.  It’s one of those places you like to find while out on the road.  Anyhow, Mark Nimitz, tech writer and  Boot Camp Director for the Escapee RV Club magazine started going there years ago.  Then a few more people and so on.  I finagled my way in and I now too go every Thursday.  No business just fun with people who are fun and interesting.  I’m the only full timer there.  I guess I’m checking and making sure there are regular home owners out there and their doing fine despite who’s in office.  Nope, not going there, nope ain’t gonna do it.  I will say if you don’t vote, then don’t complain. So, I can complain about both.  You figure why.  Anyhow lunch was great because of the people in attendance.  I was the last to get my food so I had more time to talk.  I got a Mexican hamburger.  That’s the only thing I recognized on the menu besides the tacos.  If I can’t pronounce it I ain’t gonna eat it.  I could have ended up cat liver or something.  I very seldom go to Chinese restaurants.  I don’t know which way to hold the menu there.  I would probably order the restaurant hours there.

Dinner Time.  Do you know a trend of eating yet.  I went over Mark’s for pulled pork dinner.  His sister was there and a couple, Dick & Sue Fanus, that Mark worked with a couple of decades ago.  They just started full timing a few months ago and were visiting Mark.  Mark’s jealous because he’s working. Mark has been smoking about a dozen pork butt for the up coming Oktoberfest here at Rainbow’s End.  He needed some guinea pigs to make sure it was smoked just right and it sure was.  Dick & Sue want to go to Alaska in 2014.  Need I say more.

See ya……..