Friday, October 5, 2012

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - NOT

There was a song a few decades ago that became popular because of that line I think.  I even think the Box Tops did it or ?!  Anyhow, we got the Beast back later in the afternoon and have been testing everything.  Why test everything?  Most electrical wires run in the ceiling along the edges.  I know they test everything before they do roof work and again afterwards.  I do too!

I had to get Carol out of the motel.  She started to go hillbilly on me.DSCN1282

One minor detail.  Newmar wanted the caulk and sealant to dry before running in thru their high pressure water booth.  OK, that was set up for 9 AM Monday. We’re not leaving until after that of course.  So, we are not getting out of this place but we got the Beast back and out of the motel.

Prior to all this we went up to Goshen to the Elkhart County Fairgrounds to meet with Bernie & Carole Patton.  DSCN1284They called earlier and we all decided to get  together.   They were at a Thor Rally that just ended at the fairgrounds.  We talked and talked.  Then we went to a little nearby diner for lunch.  The food was OK but the conversation with friends was outstanding. DSCN1287

Back at the Beast I saw these turkeys across the street.  I think I will smoke one when I get back to Livingston.DSCN1293

Can you find the one black kitty and the one white kitty?DSCN1295

It got down into the 30’s last night.  Damn, it’s time to get out of this place.  The weatherman said even a chance of snow flurries by Monday.  What the hell?

See ya……..