Thursday, October 25, 2012

What To Do

I have a list of “Things to do” but don’t want to look at it.  I might add more to it!

It’s suppose to rain tomorrow so I think I will leave the rewiring of the solar panels alone for today. 

Ahhh, the smoker.  Time to get it ready for something.  I do have a ham.  I got some hickory for the smoker too.    Sounds like a plan.  DSC_0009

So I sat it all up and here’s the finished product around dinner time.  I got a lot of ham now.DSC_0012


Here’s some friends, Dick & Sue getting weighed. DSC_0003


I pulled up and they all left!  What's up with that?DSC_0002

For lunch it was the La Colonia.  I think it blends in well with the Jeep.  Mark leads this afternoon lunch bunch. DSC_0010This is the place you walk in and you have just stepped into the twilight zone.  It’s like being across the border into Mexico.  Looks like it, smells like it and tastes like it – good.  Everything is hand made and all that stuff.  I had tamales.  That’s something I have never gotten at a restaurant.  It was pretty good. Check it out if you are ever in Livingston.

This is Carol’s kitty under the table.  She follows me all around the place.  She lays at my feet constantly or sits next to the computer when I’m using it.  She meows a lot and is always purrrrrring.   She misses her MaMa.  Carol will be returning from Baltimore on November the 3rd.  That gives me a week or so to clean up the place.DSC_0011

I called Newmar about the Beast’s awning.  I was told it should arrive next Thursday to Joel West RV here in Livingston.  That probably means the Beast will go to the shop the following week.  I will remain in the mobile for the time being because I don’t want to move all my junk back and forth.  If I had the solar panels hooked up I wouldn’t even have to plug in the Beast.

I checked on getting some automatic wheel balancers for the Beast’s front tires.  About $250 out the door installed.  I will get them but not right now.  I’m a strong believer in automatic wheel balancers for the front end.  Had them before and I didn’t have to worry about the wheels wearing wrong due to improper balance.  It’s hard to knock these RVs out of alignment but real easy to throw a weight off the wheel.

See ya………..