Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gotta Go

We woke up and went into Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  When we came out I took this picture where we spent the night.DSCN1296

We where on the road by 7 AM with Livingston 700 miles away.  It was a great traveling day.  Traffic was very light most of the day.  The roads were great.  We cruised at 65 & 70 MPH.  Fuel mileage was up above 6.5 MPG.  We didn’t have any plans as far as how far we were going or where we were going to stop for the night.  About 5 PM we realized we were going for it – Livingston.  We arrive in Livingston about 7 PM and stopped at the HEB for fuel.  It was a 700 mile day.  I know I know….. What a fiasco getting fuel.  The clerk was untrained about major fill ups.  Anyhow, 30 minutes later the Beast’s thirst was taken care of.  It took 116 (150 gallon tank) gallons at $3.79.  From Nappanee, IN to Effingham, IL the Beast got 6.8 MPG. From there to here it got 6.9 MPG.  We were going south with no wind on mostly flat roads.  Plus we were cruising 65+ most of the time.  The Beast did very well and it seems to like cruising at the higher speeds.  I’m not convinced yet that it’s getting fuel mileage at higher speeds.

When we arrived at the Lot we found that our little green man had been held hostage by the orange brigade.  Our engine must have scared off the intruders but they left a trail of orange tape. Since it was dark no pictures are available.  I will take some tomorrow and post them in tomorrow’s blog.

Parking at night isn’t a big problem but we don’t like doing it like most RVers.  I turned on all the Beast’s outside lights and Carol backed it in.  Later we can realign the parking place.  Hooked the electric and guess what?  We had to turn on the AC.  Ahhhh what a relief from the northern cold.

See ya……..