Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Awning Installed-Nope/Catfish & Ribs

The Beast was at Joel West RV Repair for installation of the new awning fabric at 8 AM again.  Newmar sent the wrong one again.  Now the Beast will return again Tuesday when the 3rd one is due in by then.  Newmar got an ear full from our repair facility.  Then I called their emergency number (after hours).  They will express overnight the third awning tomorrow.  They thought I was disappointed in them before.  Now they are positive.  I sent them a special email.  I expect a special phone call tomorrow.  Getting about that time to write another letter to the CEO, Mr Miller.

I filled the LP tank on the Beast at the local lumber yard called the Barn.  It took 25 gallons at $2.92 a gallon.  It was below “E” and the frig was still running.  I think it’s a 30 gallon tank which means an 80% fill is about 24/25 gallons.  Last time I got LP was in January near Quartzsite.  Not sure of the price but probably about $3 a gallon.  Now the Beast only uses LP for the stove and then the frig when not hooked up to electric.  Heat & hot water is a diesel burner.  If going down the road it’s the engine heating system like a heater in a car that runs the RV systems such as the heating and hot water.  Neat system….Driving in cold weather is real nice and warm.  The warmest rig we’ve ever had while driving down the road and no extra cost.

We park the Beast and Carol smells LP.  I say let it burn.  Carol wasn’t excited by that statement but agreed.  I found that the LP guy hadn’t turned the excess LP air valve all the way off.  I gave it about a half of turn and the smell went away. That might have gotten real nasty.

For dinner, George & Valerie took us out to Florida's for ribs and catfish.  I love their catfish.  The catfish was great and the fries are the best I ever had. The ribs have flunked the last two times I tried them.  I think with a little work I can be as good or possibly better.  But this time their ribs were back to being great.  Man were they fall off the bone juicy.  Their warm BBQ sauce is real good make the ribs even better if that’s possible.  Oh no, I’m a food critic.  We sat there until almost 8.  We got their before 5.  We all shared and had a fun time.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.  I’m suppose to go and pick up a Tiffin RV 125 miles away. Details to follow.  Plus, expecting another apologetic call from Newmar.  They will probably call when I’m in the Tiffin driving and smiling.

See ya……