Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Veterans

I got emails asking why I haven’t mentioned the northeast/Sandy disaster.  Well, I think it’s all been said at least 100 times over and will continue for weeks and even months.  We were in Livingston for the aftermath of Katrina.   It’s action that’s needed in these disasters and not verbiage.  I say put the federal government (military) in as direct support to establish temp housing, food, & clean up.  Do it big & for a short term (30 days) and things would get done a lot quicker.  The military has been establishing temporary bases for centuries.  I’ve taken part when the military was working without red tape and was told to get the job done.  It was breath taking what they could do.  It made the hair on my arms stand up in what they could accomplish in a short time period. They have all the experience, not the state or local government.  Communities would have time to get it together with the state & local government who could then take it from there.  That’s where I want my federal tax dollars to go.  How about for the people and by the people and to protect.  That’s my two cents worth.

Now what to get into today.

I’m still prepping for tomorrow’s cook out for the Escapees Boot Camp instructors.  The jalapeño pepper poppers are all ready.DSC_0004

That’s about 10 dozen of them little suckers.  I was told I should wear gloves handling that many peppers.  I have to learn the hard way.  Damn, my hands burnt for hours.  These little suckers are HOT!  I don’t think I will go the bathroom for a couple of days. They’re ready to go into the smoker tomorrow. 

Then it was time to work on the 11 lb pork butt.  It’s ready to go into the smoker now and it did.  It will cook for about 20 hours or so.DSC_0003

Mac the fire guy arrived along with his wife (opps forgot name).  Here’s they’re 2002 American Tradition and it has 200, 000 miles on it.DSC_0002

Then Neil and Pat arrived from California in their Airstream Class B.DSC_0001

George & Valerie, the new owners of the RV Driving School arrived today.  They’re staying on our lot.  They will be doing seminars at the Boot Camp this weekend.  Pictures later.

Veterans - I gave a copy of my DD214 to the Escapees Office.  A DD214 is a discharge paper showing you were in the military and honorably discharged.  In my case it was 21 years of active duty. The Escapees is giving 10% off to all Veterans on merchandise and their Escapade Rally.  Hey, 10% is 10%.  I don’t normally bring out my DD214.  It has a list of my personal awards and a couple of them are eye openers that I won’t mention other than saying I was combat promoted while in Viet Nam.  I was in the Wrong place – wrong time!

Yesterday’s blog.  I thought I would get some negative comments about why I voted.  Not one.  I was really surprised. I got only good comments and I thank you all.