Friday, November 23, 2012

Time To Go

It was time to move on for Dan & Jenny.  I’m pretty sure they enjoyed themselves.  We will meet them again in January in Quartzsite like we have for years.DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004

I tried to get them stay and they were tempted when I said here comes another smoked pork butt.  That was really tempting but they fought their taste buds and left to see relatives.  I thought my butt could beat out visiting relatives but not this time.  Guess I will just keep trying to make these things a little bit better. 

Here is a 10 lb pork butt all rubbed down.  Now it will set until it gets to room temperature.  Then it went into the Bradley Smoker about 2:30 PM at 220 degrees.  I will smoke it with Mesquite for about 4 hours.   I like Mesquite because it’s a heavy smoke flavor.  I will take it out at an internal temp of 190 degrees which will take out 20 hours or so.  Stay tuned.DSC_0005

We were the host of the Rainbow’s End Pot Luck after Thanksgiving.   We prepared the turkey and gravy again and everybody brought side dishes.  People brought their left overs and we tried to polish them off again.  We just about did it.  For the main event yesterday we had about 125 people and today about 55.  It was another enjoyable dinner.  It just seems like everybody was in a joyful mood.  When it was all over we still had turkey left over.  We gave it to people that we know were in need of a little extra kindness.

Carol & I stayed up past 11 PM which is rare for us.  Saturday night we have planned a little get together and invited some new friends we met at the dinners.  I need some fresh guinea pigs. 

I checked the butt before going to bed and all is well.

See ya.