Friday, November 30, 2012

Pull My Butt

Yepper, now comes some work.  Pulling this pork apart into strands for eating is some work to do it right and I do.  Then I cut up the bark and mix it with the pork meat to even give a better taste.  DSC_0001 

I got about 11 lbs of ready to eat smoked pulled pork from the three butts that I smoked yesterday.  It took about about 3 hours to pull apart and put into vacuum bags for freezing.DSC_0004  Damn it’s good even if I say for myself.

While I was doing that the cat was watching some TV.DSC_0008

Later we went over Wayne & Beth’s for socializing.  Jan & Dave came over too.  We had some good stories to share and poked fun at ourselves.

See ya……