Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sheeeeeeeee’s Backkkkkkkkkkk!

Carol’s airplane arrived about 15 minutes early last night and I was about 20 minutes early so it worked out fine.  When we got back she looked around and I failed of having a messy bachelor pad.  She said it looked good.  Us geographical bachelors know if you give us a day or two we can straighten up anything.

As she put her markings all over my bachelor pad today, I went back to my normal guy things like grills.  I brought out the the Big Gas Grill III Sport Grill by Camp Chef.  The 3 burners on this thing are enormous. 

Here it is out of darkness of the barn ready to set up.  It took a wagon to make it a one trip.DSC_0001

And the set up.  Then the cleaning.  The last time I used this was in Talkeetna, Alaska last year with the Loosey Goosey Gang.  I did some deep fried fresh halibut using tempera.  No problem keeping the cooking oil hot!DSC_0002

The canvas cover on the bottom left is the griddle.  The grill box lifts off and the griddle sets on two burners.  This thing is bad to the bone.  That’s my little Weber on the deck to the right. 

I will be smoking a pork butt, grilling some BBQ buffalo wings, doing some beans and baking some sausage/cheese filled hot peppers for my little cook out for the Boot Camp Instructors this week.  Carol is going to make some of her cole slaw and maybe some tater salad.  This is what I like to do, cook for get togethers.  I fed about 75 people with my pulled pork twice so far.  Once for Boot Camp in Gila Bend, AZ and once for our gathering in Quartzsite, AZ.  It’s easy to dish it out if you have prepared before hand and have servers.  It’s pretty basic, nothing hard to do, just time to prep and money to buy the stuff.  My time is free.

NASCAR – real good race.

I grilled some skinless, boneless chicken breasts (healthy stuff) on the Big Daddy grill and Carol cooked up some veggies for a nice dinner.

Oh, the porch awning on the Beast has stopped working.  Thank goodness it’s closed. I told Newmar and the repair shop that the motor was binding.  Well, it has bound up for sure now.  Hello Newmar, I need an awning motor and installed and I ain’t saying please!  The saga continues……

See ya…..