Friday, November 2, 2012

Solar Panel Rewiring Again

Here’s what it looked like outside at 9 AM.  Sun isn’t out and the wet fog was in.  I know the roof is slippery even though it has slip proof textured walkways.   I decided to wait.  Bosses orders too!DSC_0001

At about 10 AM I went up on the roof to install the wiring for the solar panels.  I raised three panels and started.  DSC_0005 It was easy but just time consuming.  When I removed the wiring I marked each wire and connector twice.  I’m not for one figuring out which is hot and what’s ground.  Some of these wires/connectors aren't’  the same colors and connect in different places.   I still have to straighten and caulk down the wiring.  Probably tomorrow.DSC_0006

I finished at the batteries with the main hook up to them.DSC_0008 I went inside the Beast and checked the solar controller.  Looked good.  I disconnected the 50 AMP shore power and checked again.  Looking good!   I’m going to leave the panels tilted up for now.  I’m so glad that I didn’t let Newmar rewire the panels.  For some reason I think I might have had more problems.  I got hot & sweaty up on the shiny new white roof.  It pooped me out.  I might have to go to Popeye’s for a late lunch and did.  I got their fried crawfish.  Now that there is good for crawfish fast food joint in Texas.

Yesterday we almost broke some temperature records.  We got close to the 89 record.  The humidity is starting to rise but it’s still pretty nice.  Next week we are suppose to go down to the low to mid 70s which are normal for now. 

Speaking of next week.  I’m planning a cook out (smoked pork) for the Boot Camp Instructors that will be here for Boot Camp.  I got a nice 11 lb pork butt that I will start smoking the day before.  I will also BBQ some Buffalo wings on the grill to tease the hungry bunch.   I think that there might be some home brewed beer and margaritas.

I did two loads of wash today.  Yes, I’, becoming domesticated.  You can always spot a fulltimer on the road.  They’re clothes are more wrinkled than they  are.  That’s unless you are looking at Walt Gunn.  His wrinkles has wrinkles.  Smile Walt……

Since Carol is do back tomorrow night I will start straitening up “my stuff”  inside the mobile today.  I guess I will just put it (throw it) in my half of the barn, the lower half.  DSC_0003 Carol says nothing about my man cave, the 1st floor of the barn.  I’m a RV parts hoarder and love it.  I don’t hall this “stuff” around now.  DSC_0002 I can store it and even more.  Once a year I look through it and see if I should take anything with us.  It’s like I rotate my “stuff.”  It’s not neat but it’s my “stuff”.  I like having a lot/barn to do that with.  Carol is the same way but neater.  I would take a picture of her upstairs but it needs sweeping and she wouldn’t want me to take a picture in that case.  The shed to the left is her gardening stuff shed.DSC_0004

If you are a full timer and have a lot with a shed on it, it’s like so cool.  If you don’t, then relatives are good places too.  That is the ones that don’t move a lot.

Our Fuel Update.  Same station here in Livingston, TX - Nov 8, 2011 diesel was $3.62.  Jan 5, 2012 diesel was $3.57.  We arrived back 9 Oct, 2012 and it was $3.79.  Yesterday it dropped to $3.69.  Alaska June 2011 diesel was $4.33.  Right now it’s $4.29.  Bottom line -   Fuel appears to be coming back down.  We all know it goes up very fast and comes down oh so slow and never where it was before.  I would say that fuel is just about where it will be “normal” this time round. 

In 2011 we traveled 17,000 miles.  In 2012 we have traveled 14,000 miles.  I estimate in 2013 we will be around 7-8,000 miles.  One reason is that we don’t have the RV Driving School anymore.  And two it’s more expensive and our income has not gone up and even down.   I think we (mainly me) are enjoying our longer stays more.  Carol has always enjoyed them.  The roses are starting to smell a little better.  BUT, the adventure to travel on America’s Roads is still there by all means.  Enough of rambling on.  Starting to sound like Walt….smile Walt.

See ya…….