Saturday, November 3, 2012

RV Lot Costs

Today I figured up what our lot in Livingston cost us a year.  It has about $5 a day fixed cost (insurance, taxes,sewer,water,etc.) per year without electric.  Then when we are here the electric is about $7+ a day.  You might figure that is only $12 a day.  True if we stayed here 365 days a year.  This year we will have stayed about 115 days. So $7 (daily elect) times 115 days is $805.  Now add the $5 a day fixed costs time 365 days equals $1,825.  Add them together for a total of $2,630.  We stayed 115 days for a daily cost of about $23.  Did I confuse you? I am a bean counter like a lot of full time RVers.  I will do our other RVing costs as time goes on.

It friggin rained here ever so hard and for a long time.  No leaks.  It was warm out so I got on the roof and helped mother nature wash the roof.DSC_0003

Today I just tidied around the mobile to make it look pretty for Carol.  I will go down to Houston tonight to pick her up at the airport.

See ya……………