Tuesday, November 27, 2012

RV Repair Shop/Heating System

8 AM there I was setting at the repair shop AGAIN!   They took pictures of the awning and I was gone in 15 minutes at Newmar’s request.  I sent Newmar pictures days ago and I have a little heart burn with them asking the repair shop to take them.  One more time after this and that should be it. Famous last words I know.

Fuel prices around here have froze so far.  I monitor other places in TX, NM, AZ, CA, & NV.  Well folks, they have increased by about 5-10 cents in general.  True that isn't much, but it’s in the wrong friggin direction and in a very short amount of time.  Fast to go up and slow to go down.

I started loading the Beast’s belly back up.  Had everything out except for one compartment and I already changed that around.  I need to make room for stuff we are taking to AZ to leave in our shed out there.  Tools, ATV things, you know, stuff.

If I get a good price on pork butt (.98 lb or less) I will smoke it here and not take the smoker to AZ.  Otherwise I will take the smoker and smoke it out there with Denny & Susie Orr.  The smoked pulled pork is for an Escapee Chapter Rally (44) in March near Phoenix.  You don’t have to be a member of the chapter to go only once.  We went a couple of years a go and it was the most fun we ever had at a chapter rally, hands down.  These people know how to have fun.  Very limited sign ups due to the camping so sign up NOW!  If you can’t figure out how to do it, email me at dennisrving@gmail.com for details.

It’s cold again being in the high 50s but 60s later this week.  Now I know winter is starting to strut it’s stuff everywhere just about.  The Beast has good insulation and outstanding warmth going down the road.  The best coach for warmth EVER while going down the road.  Most have been just kinda OK and terrible below 30 degrees.  This Beast has been driven in the teens and we where shocked how warm it kept.  We had shorts and t-shrts on going down the road (80 plus inside) but didn’t dare go outside.

Here’s how we get the heating system working for road traveling.  This is the best way I can explain it without getting all into the fancy workings of it.  We get the heating system going with the diesel burner before we depart.  It heats up the engine also.  Then when going down the road after about 50 miles we turn off the diesel burner and continue the heat the coach with the engine since it stays about 185 degrees.  No cost to run the system going down the road.  Only to start it up at first.  Pretty neat.  Oh, we have hot water too!  These big fancy coaches have neat devices and the hard part is keeping them out of the repair shop.  Keeping it simple does pay.

See ya………..