Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fulltime RV Visitors

Dan & Jenny Sheppard arrived in the afternoon.  We will put them up here on our lot.  DSCN1349

They're here to visit and for the Escapees Thanksgiving Dinner.  Since Carol & I are in charge of the dinner I think we just found two more volunteers.  They are coming from Betty’s RV Park down in Abbeville, LA and were tempted to stay for her Cajun Thanksgiving Dinner.  I know we would have been tempted too knowing Betty.

Pork Butt update….. At 7:30 AM the pork butt reached 190 degrees internal temp.  I took it out of the smoker, wrapped in foil and then in two heavy towels.  Then it went into a cooler to soak in the juices of everything.

Today I washed the the lower part of the RV.  It had dirt splash up from the rains last week.  Then I damped wiped and then wiped with a micro cloth.  Of course the wheels are shiny.

I kept the butt in the cooler until about 4 PM.  It came out at about 120 internal temp and ready to serve.  It was nice and juicy and pulled apart very easy.  Real good bark (black outer edges).DSCN1348 We attacked it..along with some buns, cole slaw and beans.  Life is good.

Then we went to the Activity Center for Ice Cream Social at 6:30 PM.  We didn’t get out of there until about 8 PM.

See ya…….