Friday, November 16, 2012

Smoking Pork Ribs

Today I smoked some pork ribs.  This was my second attempt for them.  I got a rack of 5 lbs that cost about $11 bucks.  These babies were meaty and would feed two people with ease.  I changed a few ways that I smoked them this time.  The first time they were a little on the dry side and not falling off the bone.  The flavor was off also but overall they were OK.  About a 5 on the 10 scale.  This time they turned out juicy like running down the corner of your mouth juicy.  They pulled off the bone just perfect.  The flavor was still off.  Too much of a salty taste for me.  That was from to much Pappy’s rub.  Overall, they were pretty dog on good.  Now for the flavor.  I think I will change the rub to just a little brown sugar base next time. This will sweeten them up for the kill.  On a scale of 1 to 10 I think I’m about a 7-8 right now.  I will wait until after the holiday before I try again.  I still got two pork butts to cook.

No pictures due to too busy eating them.

We are still working on putting on the Thanksgiving Dinner for the park.  We got about 70 people signed up right now and expect it to go up to about 80 or so.  Everything is going smooth.  I tried talking them into letting me cook pork butt but I was voted out.  All them to me of one.  Oh well, here comes the turkey…

See ya….