Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rib or Butt

Today is Butt.  I’m trying something new with this 10 lb pork butt.  Mustard, salt, pepper, and brown sugar all as a rub.  Then into the smoker with smoking the butt for 6 hours.  I spray it ever so often with apple juice.  It will be in the smoker over night at 220 degrees.  If I get up in the night I will spray it down again.  I will start spraying it in the morning in either case.  I will stick a thermo in it and wait tell the internal temps reaches about 160.  Then wrap it up in foil and back in the smoker until it reaches 190 degrees internal temp.  I have several options from that point.  I think I will wrap it up in two towels and put in a cooler and wait for dinner with Dan & Jenny Sheppard.

During the day I went into the mouth of the Beast and turned on the Hydro Hot heat system.  Just making sure it works.  I went thru my area and got rid of “my stuff” that I haven't used this “stuff” since being here in Livingston last.  I put it the mobile.  It took me about three hours.  Then I rubbed out some areas on the Beast’s skin that got junk on it from the different repair shops like putty and silicone smears.  That took about an hour.

NASCAR – the little guys races were today for the last time until next year.  It was an anxious type race.  Tomorrow the big boys race.

See ya……..