Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giving Butt To Friends?!

I was at up at 5:30 enjoying my quiet time.  I checked the pork butt and it was fine and 174 internal degrees.

Today we will get things together for tonight’s gathering of 14 guinea pigs.  I think they will put a dent in my butt.  Has anyone tried to put a dent in your butt? smile…

Because of this kinda cold weather I brought my tire pressure up in the Beast’s tires.  I took there temps when it was about 50 degrees outside and added accordingly up to my normal tire pressures.  We will be traveling January/February/March and these temps usually in the A.M when we start our travels if not even colder.  Come warmer weather I will let air out after I take the air pressure temps in the 70 degree range.  I’m pretty watchful of tire pressures.  Incorrect tire pressure is the most common tire failure according to Neil Leander, a leading tire engineer and Boot Camp Instructor.  I knew it before and he just verified my thoughts.  Leading tire manufactures like Michelin now say up to 10 years on their RV tires.  Of course they have to be in good condition of course.  No cracks, bald, uneven wear and all that stuff.  I wear them out or trade the vehicle before then.  When we go to Alaska in 2014 our 8 tires will be 8 years old.  I won’t change them all out but I will be watching them like a hawk before we leave.  I think I might have to replace 4.  The front would get 2 new ones and then do some switching around for the drive and tag axles.

Travel trailers and fifth wheels the cut off is 5 years of age.  Due to their twisting, usually when backing, there life is shorter.  They are more apt to have unseen internal damage of the belts.  I suggest to people when replacing them go to a higher load range and make sure that your wheel rim will take a heavier load range and not beyond.  It’s usually stamped on the wheel.  Play it safe by all means.  Don’t guess with tires.  O.K., enough preaching to the choir.

The pork butt came out of the smoker about 1 PM.  That’s about 22 hours of cooking.  Then it got wrapped up real good and put in an empty ice chest.

4:30 and we are ready for a heard.DSC_0001

They arrive and the pork butt came out of hiding.  I pulled it apart and this one turned out to be one of my better ones.  It was a big hit.  I thing the guinea pigs were very hungry because they just about finished the whole thing.  Mark brought beer and mead.  I think there was a wine tasting event going on.  I’m not even going to try to name everybody.DSC_0002  DSC_0004 DSC_0003

A good time was had by all I believe.  We all learned something from each other.  I learned that they liked my butt and sharing it with friends was O.K.

Now, what can I get into tomorrow?

See ya………