Saturday, December 1, 2012

Here We Go Again


Butts number 4, 5 & 6 for Chapter 44 in March.  That will be about 50 lbs of butt that I’ve smoked/cooked so far for them.  Tomorrow they will be done.  I will then take the pork out, pull it apart and then use vacuum bags and put in the portable freezer with the rest of it.

In October I smoked/cooked 20 lbs for myself which we still have most of it.  The pork is on sale till Wednesday.  I might get another 20 lbs for 2013.  I have to smoke/cook it now because I’m not taking the smoker with us for 2013.

We’ve been setting here since October and it’s long over do to get back in the Beast.  As most of you know we’ve been staying in my Mother’s mobile while the RV goes in and out of the repair shop.  We got tied of moving our stuff in and out for the repair shop.  We’ve been ready to get back into it since day one.  The mobile is ok but the RV is our home like most full time RVers.

See ya…….