Friday, December 28, 2012

Tires, Friends, & More Friends

This morning was a normal morning until I plugged in the Pressure Pro tire monitoring tire system.  I had an alarm on the right front tire for low air pressure.  I checked it with a gauge and the other front also.   Both were about the same and fine.  I need two sensors.  My front two are probably about 8-9 years old and are starting to go bad.  So, we go on our way thru El Paso morning traffic.

The traffic was was pretty light on the outside loop.  We went straight over this mountain.  The Beast went down to 3rd gear and 35 MPH & 2100 RPM twice.  Other wise we went up it about 50 MPH.DSC_0008

Jerry & Carol Dale are broke down due to a bad steering box in their Newmar Workhorse chassis.  They’re in Las Cruses which is along our way and about 70 miles from us right now.  We gave them a call and we suggested we all go out for breakfast.  They suggested a nearby Cracker Barrel.  We met them about 8:30.  That is after going into New Mexico on the other side of El Paso.DSC_0016

They think and hope they will be back on the road next week sometime.  Their heading to their place in Quartzsite.  It was really warm in Cracker Barrel with that fire going.DSC_0022

They loaded their truck up with some toys before they left Livingston.DSC_0023

It was another normal windy day.DSC_0046

I guess you could say it was clear “sailing”.DSC_0057 DSC_0064 DSC_0069


Sharon & Don’s place.  Yes, they have a 2012 Phaeton.  So far it’s been pretty good to them.DSC_0081

Our temporary place.  It’s for sale…..DSC_0083

Here’s Don fixing my favorite rice with ginger and stuff.  It was really good.DSC_0084

They got some Christmas lights up.  Don likes getting up on a ladder.  I don’t think Sharon was around.DSC_0085

See ya………….