Sunday, December 9, 2012

Full Calendar For RVers

We don’t normally keep a monthly calendar book much less carry one.  This month we had to.  I keep a trip program in the computer but not one of these things.  December has and will be so busy that we had to keep one so WE won’t over commit.  We have 8 days in December that are open that we aren’t doing something somewhere.  We’re not use to being that active.  Not complaining, just not use to it.  It’s not the memory thing.  It’s the “Sure, we'll do that.” thing.  So, if we don’t show up at your shin dig, “opppps, sorry” ahead of time.  We didn’t put it in the book.

I think it’s time to move on down the road.  The roots are starting to grow under our feet.

We went to a dinner at a local large Church.  No the roof didn’t fall in but it did squeak a little.  I shouldn’t complain but it was long slow moving lines and cold turkey.  Plus the tables/chairs were very close and hard to move around.  They had the space to spread them apart but didn’t.  As many dinners as they serve you would think they would know how to make it easier for all.  I guess if one was a regular church goer this would be OK.  Is this what’s called acceptance? I call it just plain old poor service.  I won’t be going to anymore church dinners there.

See ya…..