Thursday, December 27, 2012

Up & Running

We got up and ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  We split a breakfast as usual and left with two coffees to go and filled stomachs.   With tip$13.05 out the door.  For some reason the frig didn’t fix itself.  Hey, you never know with this modern technology stuff.  Next stop will be El Paso.  In the mean time here are some pics from yesterday and today.

We got fuel before heading for the night at Cracker Barrel’s parking lot.  It was at the H.E.B. grocery store.   At $3.67 I’m getting to the pump.  Yes I blocked traffic but everyone was nice about it.  the Beast was a little thirsty at 83 gallons.  There went that $300 bucks.

The wind was a blowing during the day and it was a head wind.  I’m glad we were on back roads most of the day.DSC_0003

Here’s my dash with my two other ladies.DSC_0004

Is that snow?DSC_0008

Yepper….and they’re were quite a few of these snow covered cars going south.  And we are going north at the time!DSC_0009

I can dig it…….DSC_0015

Well over 200 of these things.DSC_0017

We got buffalo roaming around.  Didn’t see any antelope or deer playing though.DSC_0018 DSC_0022 DSC_0023

We get to El Paso around lunch time.  The tech said it sounded like a circuit board in the frig.  There was a Good Sam Park right next door to the repair shop so that was a no brainer.  FHU 50 AMP, cable $35.  Plus we got a $25 refund (mail in) from Good Sam club.  We’re not use to paying that but all things considered it was a good deal. 

The tech came out and after doing some checking he found a blown 5 AMP fuse in the back of the frig in the circuit board box.   When I looked at it it didn’t look bad but I couldn’t see all of the fuse in my defense.  Cost me $25 for the repair which was pretty good I feel.  Most places it’s a minimum $100 bucks or so.

No food went bad in the frig.  It went about 30 hours without power.  The ice just barely melted in the freezer.  Mark gave us some brisket so I had to eat all of it so it wouldn’t go bad.  It was good!….DSC_0025

Well, we got 800 miles behind us with 300 miles tomorrow to Don & Sharon’s.  We got a call from Carol & Jerry Dale.  They are hard down in Las Cruces, NM with a broken steering box in their motorhome.  Jerry said it actually broke while doing 40 MPH.  That could have been very bad.  They’re in a Passport America park in Las Cruces waiting for parts.  We will try and stop and cheer them up since we are going thru there.

See ya……