Saturday, December 22, 2012

Just Another Nice Day

Real Nice Day.  I hand washed the roof of the Beast with rags and a bucket of soapy water.  All 43’ feet. That’s done and out of the way.  Then I washed Carol’s car.  Hopefully the last time before we put it in storage.

Carol made cookies and steamed the mobile carpets.  She already had steamed the carpets in the Beast.  There’s only a little bit of carpet in the Beast but it gets dirty.

Rene’ Agredano came by and interviewed us for a future article.  She’s a free lance writer.  Her and her husband Jim have been full timing for about 5 years.  We call  them the “youngens”.  They are near 40 years old I think.  Hopefully we will meet them again in Quartzsite.  If we do we, will take them over to the Boomers.  They have a 24’ Arctic Fox 5th wheel and pulling it with a Dodge.  They have a three legged German Sheppard dog who is very active.  He don't know he missing a leg.  They’re trying to keep it a secret from him.

Later in the evening we went and picked up my Mom from the nursing home.  We took her out for about an hour drive looking at all the Christmas lights.  She really liked hat.

Well, we moved back into our home the Beast.  Tonight will be the first night in almost three months we’ve been out of it.  It’s nice to be back in our home again.  Our blood is in the Beast along with some repair guys blood, especially Newmar.

See ya.