Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Today is a not a typical traditional Christmas Day for us.  We have one kid on the East Coast and one on the West Coast and we are in the middle with Mom Hill.  She’s in a nursing home and we had her over yesterday for an early Christmas for her.  Today is pack up the mobile day.  Double check and make sure we got everything we’re suppose too.  Dump and fill the Beast up with water.  Put all sewer/water stuff away in the barn.   We have extra so we use the extra hook ups stuff while here.  The mobile frig we unloaded and put in the Beast somehow.  Turned off all water  and drained the lines in and out of the mobile and the lot.   We set the mobile thermostat for  85 degrees (AC only).  In the past we always just left the ceiling fans running.  We were told this (AC) would be better to prevent mold during the hot muggy summer.  We put a few more things in the barn like garden hoses and such.  Locked the mobile up and headed for the Beast.

Hopefully if Sana Claus brought you a Garmin it’s a special one.  I just found out that certain Garmin’s have a FM transmitter in them and you can hook them up (wireless) to your vehicle's FM radio speaker system.  That’s cool and mine don’t have the transmitter.  Also another feature is that you can download Streets & Trips planned routes into it.  That’s cool too and mine don’t have that feature either.  So, if you just got a Garmin and don’t have these features you might want to take it back and get an upgrade.  Which one.  Nah, I don’t know.  You will have to look that up and then tell me!

We went over to Mark Nemeth’s for his bachelor Christmas Dinner.  He smoked some real nice brisket.  I liked that a lot.  O.K. I have something to compare Don’s brisket to.  His sister, Gail, who lives next door came over too.  We talked about our plans to get together the next few months while in Quartzsite and Congress, AZ.  Mark will be helping with the Escapee’s Booth at the Big RV Tent in Quartzsite.  Then doing the Boot Camp at North Ranch in Congress, AZ.  He will go back to Livingston, TX for awhile then return to do the weighing at the Escapee Western Area Regional Chapter Rally in Lodi in April.  He’s busy because he has a job and he likes it which helps a lot.  He’s the Technical Advisor for the Escapees Club (among other things) if you didn’t already know it.  His blood runs with full timer blood and was one of us for a few years. He ran out of money and had to get a job which he still has now.  He understands the lifestyle very well and rightfully so.

The wind blew all day.  Strongest sustained winds we’ve had since being here this time.  It twisted off a small tree top next to the Beast.  I took the top away from the rig so it wouldn’t scratch it up.  The temps dropped all day long.  Winter is arriving again.  Time to get out of Dodge.

See ya…………..