Thursday, December 13, 2012


We belong to several clubs but we are Escapees.  Last year we didn’t do much volunteering.  We volunteered as Assistants on the Escapee Outdoor ATV HOP in Hatch.  We also volunteered to be the Hosts for the Thanksgiving Dinner here in Livingston.  So we did some volunteering.

2013 we will be doing some more.  Escapees have a social get together each year in Quartzsite.  Denny & Susie Orr will Host again and we volunteered to take some pictures for the Escapade magazine.   It will be 16 & 17 January at it’s usual place.  Here are some numbers for your GPS  which are 33.67074N and  -114.14802W.  Signs will be up.  Desert camping all around or just drive in.  People bring food and music is played.  Bring a chair and what ever to drink.  Each day about 3 or 4 PM for a couple of hours.  Come on by and say HI!

I believe Bob & Molly Pinner, Escapade National Directors, will be there.  If you want to volunteer for the big 4th of July Escapade in Gillette, WY, see them now!  We have volunteered to be on the staff but not sure what we will do.  WE WILL HAVE FUN what ever it is.  I think it might be something important like counting horse poo droppings.  Hey, it could be picking them up!

Come March we have volunteered to smoke 50 lbs of pork for Escapees Chapter 44 rally near Mesa, AZ.  Denny & Susie Orr are the Hosts.  The dates are 17-23 March.  Come on out for some Hickory smoked pulled pork and the fun.

Then along come April is the West Coast Chapter Rally in Lodi, California around the 14- 18 April.  Walt & Kellie Gunn are the Hosts. We volunteered to do something with the staff but not sure what yet.  No poo picking or counting.   Plus help with the cooking of the Tri-tip supposedly.

You don’t have to be a chapter member to attend any of these chapter rallies.  If you like the chapter then you can join for about $5-10 bucks a year.

In July we will be tentatively on the volunteer staff for the Escapade in Gillette, WY 30 June – 4 July.  Gillette puts on a monster fireworks display that many big cities are envy of.  I think it’s right around the time that there is a pyrotechnics convection going on in Gillette.  I guess you can say the Escapade will be a BLAST! 

So come on out and don’t forget to volunteer.

Awning repair update.  We took the Beast into West RV Repair for the 4th time to replace/repair our awning.  Nope, couldn’t do it again! The awning material itself was finally correct but the hardware to finish the job was the wrong size and color.  The box paperwork was correct but the contents was wrong.  It appears to be a screw up at A&E Awnings all this time.  I think that’s where ALL the previous screws have been.  We’re glad we are here in Livingston and not out on the open road waiting.  I don’t think we would be waiting.  They would have to chase us.  Next appointment is next Wednesday for about a half hour if the part is correct.

Tomorrow I’m going to so something that I always wanted to do but never done.  It will be an adventure for sure.

See ya……..