Monday, December 10, 2012

Weather/Blog changes

Holy crap.  What happened to the 80 degree and high humidity.  It poured down rain two nights ago and the wind howled.  High today is almost 50 degrees.  Suppose to get into the high 20s this week at night.  Holy crap.  I guess winter is finally here.  Where’s my coat?  Is it in the mobile or the Beast?  Put the shorts away until another time for sure.  DSC_0003Time to chase the sun as some RV full timers do.  We will have to wait for several weeks.

Awning up date – I called West RV Repair and the 4th awning was in.  Since it was so cold & windy I asked them if they still wanted to do it today.  They said they would rather not.  I said OK let’s do it Thursday since it will be warmer, less windy and the sun is suppose to be out.  They jumped at the opportunity.

I made some minor changes to the blog, mainly the font and colors.  I like colors that stand out.  Print – I try to get something that is not the usual but still readable.  I try to consider that the blog will show up on other devices other than large computer screens.

Is this a happy kitty or what?DSC_0002 

We will be gone over the summer.  In the past we’ve left two fans on in the mobile.  This we did to avoid mildew/mold during the hot season.  Now we’ve been told that we should leave our AC on and set it at 80 degrees or so.  Seems like 85 would be OK too?  Anyhow I went to Lowe’s and got a $25 programmable thermostat.  I’m having all sorts of problems.  5 wires come out of the wall and the instructions say hook up 4 wires.  I called the 1 800 number.  They guy could hardly speak English and was reading from a friggin book.  I hung up on him.  I got the heat to work but not the AC.  Tomorrow I will see if I can get Wayne or Dave to make it simple for me.

See ya….