Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Volunteering & RVing

Volunteering.  Yep.  We suggest to newbies that they should volunteer with a RV club (chapter or ?).  If you want to meet fellow RVers quick.  This is the way to do it.  You get to know other RVers and their ideas of special places to visit.  Plus you can ask them questions about their RVing experiences.  They will talk to you for hours about their experiences, I guarantee it.  It’s in their blood.  BUT you have to meet them.  True, you can do it at the laundry, or even at a social which is good but when you volunteer with others it’s a fun way to get to know others during and then afterwards.  Us old timers don’t make fun of newbies and what they are doing.  We will smile and reminiscence about how we did just about the same things.  Thank you newbies for the memories.

I went back to working on the new thermostat while Carol went to her daily line dancing.  I got it to work finally.  Now to figure out the timer.

Carol picked up my Mom from the local nursing home and brought her back to the mobile for lunch.  I smoked some pork ribs for her earlier and made some charro beans.  She really liked both.  After eating those beans she will be ready to go back to the nursing home.

While she was here mark Nemeth stopped by. He had borrowed a neighbor’s generator via me for the Escapee’s trolley Christmas float.  It was entered in Livingston’s Christmas parade and took first prize this year.  I think it was because of all the lights we put on it.  It was lite up like a Christmas tree.  Mark must have smelled the ribs but was too late to get any. 

Then we had Dave & Leeann Boone show up to say good by.  They’ve been full timing for about 1 1/2 years so far and are enjoying the hell of it.  We might see them again at the Escapade up north in Gillette, WY come July.  They are crazy like we are and like most full timers.  You have to be half crazy to full time.  It’s more enjoyable that way. 

Everybody left and Mom was taken back to her place.  I think she enjoyed busy visit.

Carol & I went to a free dinner (Walmart chicken) put on by MSAS I believe it was called.  It’s an emergency ambulance/flight service for away from your residence.  They have been around for many years.  Sorry, we don’t have 4 grand.  Guess we will have to walk to the hospital in an emergency….NOT!  It’s a good service if you can afford it but not necessary for all.  If your health is questionable then you would have to consider it.  The chicken was pretty good.

See ya…