Sunday, December 2, 2012

Full Timer Pulls A Butt

DSC_0001Oh yea, another 3 done,  A lot of good bark too!  6 hours wrapped, in the cooler and they are ready to be pulled.  No problem they just fell apart and juicy.  It takes me an hour to pull and clean and into the frig.  Tomorrow I will put them in vacuum seal containers.  I’m all butted out for awhile.

I decided to go back to having the comment section for this blog but can’t figure out how to do it.  I thought I've gone to every click but evidently I missed the right one.  Someone will have to tell me like a fifth grader so I can follow the instructions on how to do it again.

The temperatures here in Livingston, TX have been outstanding.  I think one day I had to wear an overcoat.  Today I’m in shorts and and a t-shirt.  It was 81 degrees yesterday.  It’s 7 AM right now and 66.  This is nice.  It’s suppose to be in the low 80’s this week.  Who needs Florida?  Well, they do run around in skimpy bathing suits down there I’ve been told.  Here they run around in spandex with the Texas flag, cowboy hat and a gun strapped to their hips.  They talk funny too!  SMILE……….

The Beast’s belly is just about full…….

The inside is another story.  Half of our clothes are not back in, some dishes are missing too.  The frig is plum empty and turned off waiting for us to come back in.  All of our computers, printer, cameras/lens are all out.  This is a lot of stuff and now you can see why we don’t move in out every time it goes in for repair.  If we had to we would of course.  Full timers usually don’t get a choice.  For years we didn’t have this option but as time went on everything fell in place.  We were asked if we are getting ready to hang up the keys.  HELL NO!!!!!!  I think that was clear enough.  And to the question are we becoming half timers, HELL NO!!!!   I think you get the point.  The day will come but I think it will come out of necessity and not desire.

Tomorrow it’s off to Spartan chassis in Houston.

See ya.