Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cabinets Done, Beast Done, Let’s Go!

The Beast went back to West RV Repair to it’s reserved parking space it seems like.  Newmar (A&E) got the part right this time.  It’s done….not much thanks to Newmar concerning their inability to get it right the first 4 other times.  Now..time will tell.

The Beast is in it’s final parking place finally since early October before we leave.  Just back and forth to the repair shops for little things that Newmar couldn’t make right.  I used over 40 gallons of fuel just running around and back and forth because of them.  You say I should make them pay.  Oh they have paid.  Returned $4,500 for the roof and an additional $3,300 in fuel.  They are working on making us happy and we do have a smile when ever we think of that money.

I reinstalled the large set of cabinets into the wall/floor and tightened down the top plus put the drawers back in.  Leon worked on the last piece and brought it over early. I finished screwing the top down and the cabinet in the wall.  His magical wood working skills brought it all to life.  He says that he has no real experience and only has been doing wood working for 20 years.  DSC_0001-001

The table is a well built table (Newmar) that we had customized last year.  It has a 15” leaf and can be pulled out and away from the wall.  We can put a portable table behind it for extra space while eating with company.  The chair we got in Goshen while at Newmar.  It’s a smaller Euro swivel type chair.  We have two fold up factory chairs under the bed.  We need one more regular chair to set opposite my chair.

We had a special friend of Leon’s stop by and I showed off his work.  She knows his work very well. Her and her husband use to be well known full timers.  They are way to old (around 60?) to travel anymore and have retired to the over the “hill” country…grin…

At 6 AM this Wednesday morning, it was 60 degrees outside. It hit 80 degrees later.  Yea……

Diesel is now at $3.57 and gas $2.95 here in Livingston, TX. Midland, TX about $3.71/$3.17. Flying J Eloy, AZ is $3.65/$2.87. Pilot in Quartzsite, AZ is $3.75/$3.25. Flying J in Lodi, CA is $3.87/$3.09. Keep on going down. Daddy’s getting ready to buy some fuel. Most of these will be our future fuel stops probably.