Friday, December 7, 2012

Here Comes the Smoke

H.E.B grocery store at pork spareribs on sale for $1.98.  Since we were going to Walmart I took the ad and they matched it.  I also got a Ham so I could get one last use of the smoker.  Here I prepped the ribs which were two 4 pounders and a ham at 8 lbs.  Just a little “Professional Pappy's”, ginger, dill weed, heavy on the cloves (ham) and some apple juice that I spray on while they are smoking.  The Professional Pappy’s has different spices than regular Pappy’s.  Also I didn’t use as much because last time the ribs were on the salty side.  OK to go heavy on pork butt.  I used Mesquite smoke and lots of it.  I really like Mesquite because it puts a real heavy smoke flavor in the meat.  Too much for most people.DSC_0002-001 DSC_0001-001

Their sizes were just right for the smoker.  Any bigger and I would have to go to Plan B.  I don’t know what Plan B is.DSC_0003-001

The ribs I will smoke for three hours.  Then take out, foil them up and a real heavy spray of apple juice and return to the smoker for two hours.  Then take out, remove foil, put BBQ sauce on them – I like a chipotle BBQ sauce.  Then return them to the smoker for one hour.  The temp has been set at 225 degrees.  This method is the 3 –2 –1……duh….easy name to remember for smoke heads.

The ham came already cooked from the store and I don’t care.  It’s been in the smoker the entire time with the ribs and underneath of them.  Don’t want to miss any of the droppings from the ribs.

Well everything turned out OK, not outstanding.  I got the ribs to fall off the bone but lacking that certain flavor.  I will continue to practice like a doctor’s practice.  Why do they call a doctor doing business a practice?  I think RV manufactures should call their building RV business  a practice.

Tomorrow they are calling for above 80 degrees.  This is December isn’t it?

See ya……………