Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Golfing & Moving In – NOT!

Well, the old golf cart don’t get any use anymore.  The batteries are very dead and it has a flat tire.  I would be willing to let someone use it but they would have to buy 6 batteries for it.  We won’t be using it for at least until maybe about winter of 2014.  I took the old awning from the Beast and cut it up so it has a real nice cover over it.  I had a lot of straps from the kayak days so why not use them.  It will do just fine.DSC_0004

I’m trying to hook up with this young guy (younger than us by about 40 years) who is washing & waxing RVs at a real good price ($125).  We gave him our number the other day now it’s a matter of him calling us.  Well, ne never called so with some cold weather coming in I decided to go ahead and wash the Beast.DSC_0005  

We stopped moving back into the Beast because of the disarray with the cabinet work in progress.  No bigee for us.  We got about 3/4 of our stuff back in anyhow.  Since we got “stuff” spread all over the mobile we want to make sure we don’t forget anything.  Leon brought over the cabinets.  The several coats of stain worked so they were ready to be reinstalled.  He took the top of one to trim it out and stain.  This was all one piece before Leon cut it.  It was easy but very precise.  DSC_0001

With the table pulled out 4 people can easily eat at it.  The leaf is inserted in the table right now.  Otherwise it’s removed and goes inside/under the table.  Actually five can eat at it.  The outward end has room for one more because the leg underneath is set back.  This was a stock table but I had another outfit last year work on the table for me and customized it for us.  It’s a heavy duty table and can be danced on if anyone gets the urge. DSC_0002

So far we only really really really have to be in two places so far for next year.  An Escapees Chapter 44 rally in March  and the Escapees Multi Chapter rally in April.  There’s a third (Escapade) but we are working on that.  We don’t count working for Amazon in the winter yet.  We will sign up for that in January.  Now we have plans to visit friends but they all know and understand the full timers lifestyle of plans being in jello.  That’s what so neat about being a full timer for us.  Very little planning is in concrete.  That is unless it’s Carol’s line dancing.  Sometimes (rare) that even has cracks in it.  Our departure date from here is even in jello.  We are leaving Livingston for sure just not real sure when.  We are aiming for Arizona on a crooked route (maybe) but heading west.  We might take the northern route through Abilene, Tx that we haven’t been in years.  We could slow up for Larry & Marilyn Forbes.  Also, Bob & Molly are heading this way.  Both are a couple of days behind us.  They usually travel like we do when going to a particular place.  No real plans for stopping anywhere special on driving days.   Even a Cracker Barrel or Wal-mart does just fine.  We all are heading for Quartzsite and will be at the Quartzsite Happy Hour.  Did I mention that we will be there 16 & 17 January and 1-3 PM each day?  I knew I could stick that in there one more time.

The temp here almost hit 80 degrees.  Today and tomorrow real nice then winter hits us again.  It’s nice now…….enjoy.

See ya.