Sunday, December 23, 2012

Back In the Saddle

We slept very well in the Beast last night.  It seems to better insulated than the mobile.  We can hear a little bit of road traffic in the mobile at night and zero in the beast.  That’s good.  It’s been a long two plus months in the mobile while the Beast has been worked on and off.

Our extra stereo roof speakers for our CD payer/TV aren’t working.  We don’t usually turn them on.  We don’t know if they broke from the roof being replaced or what.  Bob Pinner do you do house calls in the desert?  He wired them up to work when we bought the Beast.

Today we continued to take “stuff” out of the mobile and back into the Beast.  Boy did we take a lot of crab out of it.  Now we are in the mode of getting the mobile ready for our departure.  Plus we will have Christmas Eve Dinner in the Mobile with my mom.  The steps into the Beast are to big for her.  Fixing dinner inside means we can’t close down the mobile until the following day which is Christmas Day.  We leave the next day after.  It will work all out.

I had to clean the battery posts and check the water levels today.  This is a little on the difficult side.  Thank goodness they are all on a slide out tray.  The cables are too short and I have to take the cables off to get the caps off to check the water.  That’s a pain in the butt.  While in Quartzsite I plan to get all longer cables to avoid this hassle.  Plus I have some stuff growing on the terminals, more than usual.  I guess the protective spray didn’t work like it has in the past.  Such is life.

All my tire pressures are good to go.  My rear tires (6) are all within two pounds of each other (78-80 psi) at 55 degrees outside.  The fronts are at 112 psi.  The Jeep are all at 32 psi.  Love that Pressure Pro system. I need to wipe the coach one more time if it doesn't rain between now and the 26th.  Probably do that Tuesday, Christmas Day.  I really don’t mind because it really shines.  That’s when I do the front windshield and mirrors one good cleaning.  I also put some wax or 303 Aerospace on the front to help with the bugs ricocheting off vice sticking.

Yes, will be doing the mobile closing up also on Christmas Day and taking down ALL the lights.

I got a present from Beth & Wayne.  It was an Alaskan mug that I was bidding on last week at the C.A.R.E. auction.  The mug has a map of the Alcan Highway.  It’s pretty neat.  Thanks guys!

The new drop leaf for the cabinets that Leon just made was on the dark side.  I figured what the hell and sanded it down.  I went and borrowed some stain and polyurethane from Wayne.  I applied it on with an hour break or so with an old sock.  It don’t look to shabby and it’s lighter.  I never done anything like that before.  I might do it again to make it even a little more lighter.  It’s not hard.  It’s just a matter of getting started like a lot of things especially in an RV.  Something ain’t working, try and fix it.  It’s already broken.

See ya……….