Monday, December 24, 2012

Get That Motor Running…

We’re starting to remember what it was like just before we started full timing 12 years.  Anxious to start a new way of doing things, making new friends, seeing new things, and just being out there doing your own thing.  It’s another way of doing life.  The thoughts change to where will be spending the nights, who will be there, what can we get into and of course the old thing of will the RV break down.  We get that way again just before we head out to Alaska.  Maybe that’s one of the many reasons we like driving the trip up there.  It’s hard to plan so we don’t.  True we have a schedule but it’s just to give us an idea of things we want to see/do in certain areas more than anything else.

All RVs we ever owned had something break in them sooner or later.  Only a couple of times they went hard down.  Then we usually got hook ups at the repair facility which is pretty normal any more.  Are they free?  Yes, until you get the repair bill and look at the bottom line.  It doesn’t say RV site.  It says RV repair.  Hey, that’s part of full timing or just out for a short time.  The bigger the toy the bigger the repair bill usually.  We have to save for maintenance/repairs.  How much?  That’s a hard one that I can’t answer and won’t even try.

I washed the Jeep today and I had a visitor.  This guy I’ve seen around for the last two months or so.  I can even pet him which is real strange.  These guys usually take off if you get within a few feet of them.  This one is different as you can see.  It has a split tale.DSC_0004 

The kitty says she’s ready for the expected cold weather Wednesday.  The heater’s not turned on but she don’t know that.DSC_0001

The little green man says, Let’s go!.DSC_0007

Yes, that’s where he rides when we tow the Jeep.

We went and got my Mom and brought her back to the mobile for Christmas Dinner.  Carol fixed a nice big dinner.  Afterwards Mom opened up her presents. Mom started to get sleepy later on so we took her back to the nursing home.  She enjoyed herself and that’s what counts.

When we got back the Mercury Mariner went into the barn for storage.  I had pads on the cement so the tires would not lose chemicals out of the tires.  Cement will absorb chemicals out of tires if left to set on to long.  When you see those little black spots where your tires set, those are chemicals that have been drawn out of the tires.  I also hooked up a 1 1/12 amp trickle charger.  Last return time the battery was completely dead so I figured a trickle charge would do just fine.

Carol & I watched It’s A wonderful Life and went to bed.

Just about shorts and T-shirt weather today. Tomorrow is gonna be wet until about noon.  80% chance of rain and it did starting about 2 AM and boy did it rain hard. Haven’t gone out to look and see the results.

See ya.