Monday, December 17, 2012

AND Now What? Oh No A Boo Boo

First Carol & I had to go to Conroe for her to complete her routine physical check up.  We were back to Livingston by noon. 

Leon came back over and was surprised I got as much accomplished as I did with uninstalling the cabinets.  By the time he left we had used a rubber mallet and brute strength which wasn’t much in our case.  We got the three cabinets removed and out.  Then we cut one of them away from the others.  The top shelf will be cut anther day.  We took them to Leon’s work shop.  He added some sidewalls and trim.  Then he started the staining process.  He said that it might take several coats to get close to the original stain.  He said about Friday he would be done.  Then he/we would cut the top and make it pretty with trim and reinstall the cabinets under it.  He gave me a tour of his home.  This man does outstanding wood working work.  He has made all sorts of tables, cabinets, & things.  Oh, he is retired and does not do any cabinet work anymore.  We got lucky some how and glad of it.  I have piece of pipe holding the top up for now.  Leon wanted to get the cabinets done and under before he cuts the top.DSC_0004

BOO BOO.  I mentioned the Escapee Social at Quartzsite, AZ January 16 & 17.  Will I made a boo boo about the time.  It’s 1-3 PM each day.  It’s 1-3 PM each day.  It’s 1-3 PM each day.  Now, if you come any other time besides 1-3 PM each day, it won’t be my fault because I said it’s 1-3 PM each day.  Just so you don’t forget it’s 1-3 PM each day.

Dan & Jenny gave us some frozen Dungess Crab meat from Oregon a few weeks ago.  Tonight we made some awesome  crab cakes and ate them all and don’t feel bad about not sharing at all.  Thanks Dan & Jenny and hope you all enjoyed the smoked pulled pork as much as we enjoyed the crab meat.  You gave us the crab and we gave you butt.DSC_0003-001

See ya…..