Friday, December 14, 2012

RV Tags Gone & Auctioneering

DSC_0003This was our legal license plate for our RV for years.  We sold the the school and which still can be contacted at as before.  We decided to save the $40 and get a normal tag.

Here’s our Jeep from several mornings ago.  That’s ice! Hey, we don’t even have an ice scraper like years ago.  It’s just about time to leave in 12 days vice 13.DSC_0001

Today was a luncheon and auction put on by Escapees Chapter 10 here in Livingston.  I was honored by Chapter 10 when I was asked several  days ago to be their new auctioneer.  Bud Upton has been the auctioneer for many years.  Bud thought it was time to pass the torch and I was honored to be asked.  In this case it was not a torch but a mike.  As most people know,  I have no problems with a mike.  First we had big fat dogs for lunch.  DSC_0002 

As we were getting ready for the auction to start a person quietly told us at the microphone about the shooting up in Connecticut.  We decided it was best not to make an announcement to the group.  It just wasn’t the thing to do.  It was just too sad for this setting.

I always wanted to be an auctioneer and it went pretty good and fun was had by all.  It was about 2 hours long for the auction.  All money raised went to the Escapees C.A.R.E.  Bud Upton came up to me afterwards and said I did a real good job and gave me his stamp of approval with a hand shake.  Thanks Bud.

When we got back to the mobile it was time for us to get the Beast ready for our return.  First was the frig.  It’s been turned off and closed up which meant little things were growing in it.  A couple of hours later Carol had it shinning again.DSC_0004 

The Beast is missing something.  Oh, it’s us.  We will return……pretty soon.  We are starting to move our “stuff” back into our real home.DSC_0006

See ya,,,,,