Monday, December 31, 2012

First Day


Here’s our lot.  DSC_0005 Denny Orr was knocking on our door at 8 AM. I had been up about a half hour getting the rig warmed up for Carol.  Denny & I pulled the Razor ATV out of the shed.  The battery was dead and it had two very low tires.

George from across the street with some cables and we jumped the Razor with the Jeep.  Then we drove it over to his new shop and pumped the tires up.  Thanks George.

Denny and I rode our Razors out the back gate and into BLM land.  Denny led.  We ended up at Jack In The Box out near the BLM land.  We had breakfast and hit the desert again.  We did some hot doging and had a blast.  We came back about lunch time after about 3 hours of running around enjoying the brisk air and no dust.    DSC_0002DSC_0003

Carol & I went to the Activity Center at 7 PM for their New Year’s Eve party.  I looked around and after about 30 seconds I was gone.  Carol stayed and did a little line dancing.

About 9 PM we went over to the Pelly’s annual party.  Now we were with a lot of friends and people we knew.  More our crowd.  We celebrated New Year’s at 10 PM, 11 PM and 12 PM.  Come around midnight there were only a handful of us left.  We left shortly after that as did the few remaining people.  It was the best New Year’s in a many year.

See ya.