Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Meds On The Road/Fuel Prices Going Down

Yesterday I said Dave and Leann Boone visited us.  His name is Gary and not Dave.  Oppppppppps.  Sorry Dave – I mean Gary.

A lot of things have changed getting meds on the road since June 2000. At the beginning of our full timing, getting meds on the road was just a stop at a military base to get them refilled. My annual check ups were done at a military base which was never a problem. Times have changed for the military retiree. Very seldom can we get meds on base and they do take retires on base for check ups – rare. We are now in a aftermarket BS thing like everybody else. Being active duty for 21 years health care is another benefit that has eroded. It was a selling point to overcome the low pay was the health benefits after retirement – free. BS now! Back to the subject. We know some people that get their meds at Wal-mart. I think that is pretty neat & convenient. We tried CVS and that was pretty good. I think we will go back to a local pharmacy here in Livingston who hand delivers them to the Escapees Mail Service and thus forwards them to where ever we are at. Yes we have to pay postage but it’s what we are use to. What ever works the best for you and that you like of course and there are more options than you think to use out here on the road. Do the research and ask around. Change one. We went with CVS. Don’t like the lines at Wal-mart that we have seen.

Several people have asked about my high blood pressure. Well folks, it has been running in the 110’s lately and even lower than Carol’s. She thinks the little blood pressure device is broken. Considering my pressure use to run in the 150’s using heavy meds , it’s pretty dog on good now. Now I take vitamins, changed the diet some, cut back on the caffeine stuff, some exercise (walking) and lost 30 pounds of which I gained 10 lbs back before seeing the doc. The doc said lose another 20 lbs. He has reduced my blood pressure meds in half and not using another med at all. I was told a couple of decades ago that I would be on meds the rest of my life. Well, maybe so, but it doesn’t have be a lot, right?