Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Full Timers RV Belly/Newmar Called

People have asked how I load the Beast.  OK here it goes for those who care.

This compartment (passenger side (PS)) has our chairs, freezer, grill, chairs, large folding tables and a container full of LP cylinders.  Behind this is another layer of stuff.  DSC_0001

On the opposite side of the RV are these two compartments.  They speak for themselves. DSC_0009DSC_0008

Then we have this compartment that has a full slide out tray.  It slides out on both sides.  There is one empty bin in there.DSC_0002

This is the other side of the the slide out tray.  It’s in  it’s travel mode here.   It has my sewer and electrical stuff in these three containers. DSC_0011

Back to the PS and this compartment.  The stuff in the one bin will be left in Congress, AZ.  There is one empty bin behind this one.DSC_0003

This is the other side and I keep my wood blocks in one container.  The container behind that is a portable satellite dish all apart for storage.DSC_0010

Back to the front side.  This is where the freezer normally goes and on a slide out tray.  I removed both.  Garden tools are in the back.  The air compressor is an extra one that I will leave in Congress.  The oil filled radiator heater will be used in Nevada later in next year.  It’s the safest thing to have with a high strung cat.  The sodas we purchased to get the pork butt at .88 lb.  Cokes were $6 for 24 and HEB brand wee $5 for 24.  Hey, why not!DSC_0004

The other side is our 30 something gallon LP tank.  We filled it once in January and then again just the other week.DSC_0012


The next compartment next to the LP tank is an electrical compartment.  We only carry an air hose in there.  I don’t put things near what could rub on major electrical components.  DSC_0013

Back to the other side (PS) near the rear.  Very narrow compartment due to all the tanks are behind the wall.  Safety triangles, Autoformer, battery cables, extra tow parts (bag), and picnic table top.  The 3 external water filters are carried here (on right) when not in use.  DSC_0005 

On the opposite side we have the water compartment.  I do not carry sewer pipes in here.  I prefer to keep them away from our fresh water stuff.DSC_0007   

Back to the front side and the last compartment…yea….It’s the battery compartment.  Two chassis batteries (left) and 6 six volt batteries on a slide out try.  The lower right box is another electrical box and where I’m having/had an electrical problem.  It was due to water and or dust getting in there.  Newmar resealed the box but the problem it caused has never been fixed.  Thus the trip to Spartan yesterday. The black thing on the lower left is the cover for ALL the engine filters.  The other side of the RV is the side radiators.    DSC_0006

This is how we normally live and travel but as we all know it does change due to necessity of acquired new/used junk I mean stuff.

While I was taking these pictures Newmar called and left a message.  This is funny…. The 4th awning has been shipped and will arrive by close of business this Thursday.  Now ain’t that something after what I was told yesterday.  I called West RV and made an appointment for Monday afternoon.  Fourth time is a charm right?

Tomorrow…the packing of the Jeep.  Yepper.  We normally carry nothing in our tow car.  Times have changed..

See ya…