Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Frig Down Again

We went to Denny’s for breakfast.  It was disgusting.  they really blew my breakfast.  Burnt it underneath then had then nerve to serve it.  the second time around was just the opposite.  I told them that it was the worst breakfast I had ever had at a Denny’s and to take it away.  I expected a manager to come and talk to me but I guess he already knew.

We then went to Jack In The Box and I got my breakfast.

We got back to the Beast and I started working on the frig.  It was not working again.  Seems like when we switch the inverter off and on or vice versa it doesn’t like it and blows a fuse in the circuit box in the back of the frig.  I called Denny and we worked on it for about an hour.  Same conclusion.  We couldn’t get it to come back on was the new problem.  I guess go to a repair shop tomorrow.  About an hour later I put a new fuse in and it started working again.  It’ don’t figure.

We went over Denny’s for a 3 o’clock dinner.  Steve had smoked a ham for a bunch of us.  The guys watched football while the gals played games.

Afterwards we had a slow and kinda cold night in the Beast.  At 2:30 AM and 32 degrees along with low voltage don’t mix well.  Remember we’ve been boone docking since we got here.  The one bad thing is that running the generator here in the park is not allowed.  Otherwise that baby would be humming about now.  Oh well, adjust accordingly.

See ya….