Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Goes Up - Must Come down

Our solar panels have to come down before we move Monday.  So today was as good as any especially with a cold front coming this way.  Carol & I went over to our lot.  We had to get our ladder and other “stuff”  out of the shed to take with us to Quartzsite.  Before we knew it there was a small crowd at our shed.  Just friends saying hello and see ya and “You did what?”  Then we went over Denny’s so I could check out our Razor side by side that’s parked over there.  I got a better inspection of this time. You know that thing skidded on the driver side before going over for the roof slide.  It has permanent skid marks on the door and roll cage.  It has a little more cosmetic damage that can be easily fixed like the headlights are knocked loose.  She still needs some more cleaning and Denny & Susie got a lot of sand out of it already.  We will put it’s cover on before we leave.

Back to the Beast and the solar panels.  Carol was a real trooper.  She jumped on the ladder and up she went.  Nurse Crachet wouldn't let me up on the roof.  She lowered the panels but couldn’t get them screwed in placed.  George came over and after a lot of aligning he got them locked down.  Thanks George.  I would have done it but nurse Crachet wouldn’t let me out of her eye sight.

The rest of the day was spent inside laying in a chair moaning and groaning.

Carol changes my head bandages twice a day.  My ear is still bleeding some and it’s coming along over all.  I’ve been taken G.I. showers to avoid getting any water around my ear.  Today I took my first real shower still avoiding no water on the head.  I found new bruises.   There across my upper legs from the lap belt that I was pulled through.  Plus a small bruise on my hip.  Interesting.

We are planning our Qsite movements.  We are normally there almost a month but this time less than two weeks.  So, we don’t want to miss anything or anybody.   We just have to do some prior planning at least more than in the past.  It well work out fine.  If not, oh well, we tried.

See ya…