Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On Our Way

We were up and about by 7:30 AM.  The Beast stayed at a nice 70 degrees all night with two small heaters.   We decided to eat breakfast at Jack In The Box.  Not a bad little breakfast plate for an unbelievable $2.99.  I would have to say it’s better than Mickey D’s and cheaper for sure.  Senior coffee was 50 cents. 

We arrived a little early for my 10 AM appointment with the plastic surgeon.  He sewed me back up in the trauma ER 12 days earlier.  He said my ear looked real good.  I have no nerves in the ear at all.  That nerve will not return.  I have some numbness around the ear and different areas on my head in that general area.  He said that those nerves might return but it might take up to two years.  I’m to wear a bandage while out in the desert.  The ear is still caked with blood and he made a point not for us to touch it what so ever.  I can run some very low pressure water over it but again not to touch.  The same for the ear canal.  I might be able get the stuff out of my ear so I can hear.

We returned to the Beast at the repair shop.  I went inside prepared for a battle with the service writer.    They said Norcold would send out a repair kit for the wiring and it would be about 5 to 7 working days.  They will call me and set up an appointment at that time.  Interesting…….no mention of any additional money.  I paid them $100 yesterday as a deposit (required).  The frig door wiring is taped up and the frig is working.  Away we go.

125 miles later we arrived at Quartzsite.  It was a very nice drive and I enjoyed the drive ever so much.  The “gang”  was gathering at Quartzsite for sure.  Everybody was glad to see us and I was even gladder to see them than they know. 

We BS and sat around the artificial fire pits and drank some home brew.  Nurse Crachet got all excited when I sat in Denny’s Razor and started it up.  Wow, she came out of no where.  I didn’t know she could move so fast.  I think she was on a broom.  I have no brownie points at this time.

We went to diner with Denny/Susie and Bob/Molly in town.  It was pretty good eaten.  We jawed jacked about this and that. 

We returned back to our area about 8:30 PM.  About 8:45 there are red and white flashing lights right in front of our rig.  I made sure I was alright then went outside.  A friend of Dick & Sue’s (wife) was having some breathing problems due to allergies.  She walked out of their rig with help and they took her to Parker for further evaluation. 

Carol & I stayed up to about 11 PM and decided it was time to go to bed.  We didn’t need the generator at all so far.  We turned off the inverter.  It’s now about 2 AM and the voltage is 12.8 and the monitor says the batteries are full charge.  That’s real real good.  I’m running the computer on it’s battery and the MiFi on it’s battery.


See ya……………