Saturday, January 5, 2013

Quiet Time My Butt

We or I should say Carol moved the Beast from our lot (no hook ups) to the campground here at North Ranch.  I need to be keep warm especially my head due to the ear.  She drove the Beast to a site and then hooked up everything while I watched and gave directions.  She had never done all the hook ups at once by herself.  She said that solo women have it rough if they have to do all this hooking up.  We turned on all the heaters and got it up to about 80 degrees eventually.

I did go and see my ATV over at Denny & Susie’s place.  It was right side up…….smile…ouch that hurt. They were getting all the sand out of it and washing it.  Thanks guys.  Do you do big rigs?

Here’s what broke that caused the accident.  The broken stabilizer bar is about in the middle.DSC_0003

It’s hard to believe that something like that caused this.  Dennis Hill 053

Don’t some people say keep the sunny side up.  Well, my bottom is shiny and it’s up!  This ATV Razor has outstanding skid plates on it.  That’s all after market that the prior owner had put on.  He also installed a heavy duty roll bar/cage.  It very well could have saved me from more injury.  At least some dollars when it comes to repairs which are very low right now.

I think the doc said stay indoors and no activity for at two weeks.  Do nothing because of the tenderness and delicate injury.  Be quiet and don’t do anything at all.  If I bend over I due get a little tipsy.  I’m still getting a little faint each day.  I think I have worn Carol out being my go to person for the remote, water, blankets, computer, cooking and all that other stuff we don’t think about doing.  It’s hard not doing anything for myself.  The Plastic Surgeon Dr said to see him in two weeks.  I got two other doctors (neuro and trauma) that want me to see them to.

What time is it?  It’s Butt time.  Since I can’t do anything (even if I wanted to) Carol has the honor of doing my butt for me.  Doesn’t your honey do your butt when you can’t?DSC_0005

Steve Dudley is going to smoke it.  I’m not sure how much I can chew much less chew any.  I think I can manage enough to get the flavoring taste.  Especially the bark…ouch… ahead of time.

You know, I got a lot of emails and they all made be smile…ouch.  I will answer everyone in time but it won’t be right away.  My go to person might try to answer some.  Sitting at the computer and doing this is a task right now but it’s one that brings enjoyment to me from kidding around.

Some general questions from emails I can answer now.  Yes I was flown to Phoenix not Houston.  Houston was easier to spell I guess.

No I wasn’t ever in a lot of pain.  The nerve(s) to the ear were torn and were not able to reattached.  Thus no pain.  Jaw pain yes and aches from being shuffled around in the roll cage.

No Denny wasn’t faint when he first saw me.  I did think I might have to call 911 for him…just kidding.

Do I remember everything?  Yes, no blackouts or fainting.  That will come when I see the repair bill.  I will probably do the repair work (with friends) when I’m able.  A shop repair manual came with the ATV.

Was it insured.  No, just the state required liability.

No, I didn’t get a chance to shine the bottom like my wheels when it was upside down…smile.

Yes, we will be in Quartzsite and without the ATV..cry..cry..cry.  Plus I ain’t suppose to ride in any.

Yes I can hear..some. the right ear is really nothing due to the blood that remains in the canal due to the stitches inside the canal.  Everything is muffled.  “Can you here me now!”  some..certain sounds like doors closing are really loud for some reason.

Could my jaw be broke.  No.  It’s just sore as all get out from being forced up against the roll bar I think.  Tiny bites and as little chewing as possible.  Love mashed potatoes and gravy!!!!!  Oh, Oh, when in the hospital they brought me a roast beef sandwich.  I ate the bread, lettuce, tomato and smelled the roast beef.

Will I sell my ATV Razor.  Only if I get a lot of money for it so I can buy a new one.  I will (probably) follow the doc’s orders not to ride in one for at least 6 weeks he said.  AND have a helmet.  Don’t they go on the knee?

Did I have a camera with me? No.  That would have been interesting to see if I would have taken any pictures.  I probably would have and then gotten a lot of blood on it though.  My hands were covered. 

No I didn’t go into shock.  I felt like a panic/ anxiety attack was going to happen a couple of times. Just after the accident and when EMT arrived and started asking questions.  Some of my old Marine Corps medical training came back on what to do to help stop bleeding and how shock comes about.

Oh yea, I’m OK!  Thanks for the emails.  I have read them all and thank you for your concerns along with the deserved fun poking. 

“Yes, boys and their toys!”

See ya…………..