Sunday, January 6, 2013

F.A.R.T.T. & The Last Blog?

I had a very slow day (Sunday) until about 3:30 PM.  I did the F.A.R.T.T. thing along with another activity.  I will have to do all the details another day…just too worn out.

Here’s a start of the blog I had started for the day of the mishap.  I started it last Thursday morning just before we went out ATVing  It could have been my last blog. But it ISN’T……

2912 Expenses

RV mileage for 2012 was 15,361 miles. Diesel fuel totaled $9,440. RV maintenance/repairs/parts/etc for the RV was $2,543. If we bought a roll of tape or fuse it’s included in that total. Gas for the other vehicles was $1,822. Our lowest priced diesel was in June in Oak Grove, MO at $3.35 a gallon. The highest was in Richfield, UT in September at $4.48. Fuel mileage average for the Beast for the year was 6.4 MPG.

Groceries were $5,044 and eating out was $2,775. That even includes getting just a cup of coffee at McDonalds.

This morning was the guys out for breakfast morning like every Thursday here at North Ranch.  That is if you wanted to depart at 7 AM.  We eat at downtown Wickenburg at the Cowboy Cafe. The staff there know the group and joke around with us and we them. It’s a rustic setting with atmosphere to include the fun staff. We’re like the over the hill gang with rusty sex shooters I mean six shooters. It’s fun….

I ended that part of the blog and went ATVing.  The rest is history and almost the end of the “Orange Era.”

a humble thank you for being so supportive at our time of need.

I will see ya……..!