Friday, January 18, 2013

Now What Can We Get Into? Oh No – TV!

Breakfast at La Mesa RV.  Fridays are Biscuits and Gravy.  It’s free and was even pretty good.  We have bought two RVs from them since full timing so we feel the least they can do is give us some free food, right?  They missed out the third time because they couldn't/wouldn’t match a written contract I brought them from another dealer.  Oh Well, their lost.  We did look around their lot and didn’t see anything that jumped out at us besides salesmen.

Then Carol & I went over to Paul Everet’s RV to look at a 2007 Monaco Dynasty 42 footer they have on their web page.  We might down size from a 43 footer to a 42 footer. It was a real nice floor plan but it needed work.  That’s scary.  They said they would work up a price and give me a call.  It would have be the best deal that they ever gave anyone and that just don’t happen now a days.

Then it was time to look for a campground to spend two nights at before we head back to the desert for a week.  We found one and they have only one day open that we wanted, Monday night.  So we took it for $33 with the $4 tax.  It costs $20 just to dump and get water at any place in town.  Might as well stay a night in a campground and do a couple loads of wash and have an extra warm night.

We went back to the Beast and piddled around.  Then it was time to eat again.  We went back to La Mesa for lunch.  We saw what they were serving and decided not to guess what it was.  We were told it was tuna casserole.  It never looked like a tuna casserole that I ever seen.  We passed and went to Burger King.  Hey, 20 pieces of chicken bites for $4.29 what the hell.

After lunch we went and walked around the vendor area on Kuhen Street by Rice Ranch.   I didn’t see anything that jumped out at me.  Carol saw some tops that she might come back for.   We’ve been coming here for 13 seasons so it’s basically the same ole same ole.  If it wasn’t for the friends we wouldn’t be coming here anymore.

We returned to the Beast.  Now that we have looked around at some new and used RVs, this Beast is looking pretty dog on good.  I think we got the bugs out of it and only one or two more things to work on.

Time to eat again…whew…….it’s the neighborhood pot luck.  These are the friends who are left over from the previous two days of socializing.  We are the left over gang.DSC_0015  DSC_0017 DSC_0019

A special favor to our readers.  I' really thought about this a lot and just decided what the hell.  I need you all to send an email to a TV casting call.  This company wants to film RVers while they are full timing and enjoying the lifestyle.  I think a lot of us fit in that category.  I think we will give it a shot and see if we can get on TV.  I got to prepare a short video and answer a bunch of questions about our lifestyle and who we are.  Here’s the kicker.  This Monday is the deadline.  Here’s what I’m figuring.  Have you all, the readers of this blog send these TV people a short email about what you get out of our blog and why  you read it.  It’s that simple.  Just a few lines nothing real special.  I really need a lot of you to do this not just a few of you.  Just go ahead and please do it.  Here’s their email address; 

As the subject put Dennis & Carol Hill, RV Full Timers.  Again, just tell them what you think of Carol & I and our RV adventures. This would be appreciated, I think! Who knows what adventures this could bring and you could help it happen.

See ya…….