Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Little 4 Wheeling/The Big Tent

Carol wasn’t feeling the greatest I guess to much excitement.  I went into to town and had free pancakes at La Mesa RV.  They were OK…free!  Then it was time to go over to the Big RV Tent for their opening of the gates for the first time.  I got a very close up parking space at 8:40 AM.  They open at 9.  I had some fun with the people standing & waiting like I was before hand.  The gates opened and it was like an unorganized fire drill, people every where.  I made the tour around the inside of this large tent twice.  I stopped and scheduled a cleaning of of Hydro Hot system.  That’s $185 and you are suppose to do it every year.  I skipped last year.  The system needs cleaning because it burns a little blue smoke.  That’s caused by a dirty do thingy I was told.  That cleaning will happen this week.  He will come out to the desert where we will be at down south.  Made a tour of the vendors outside the tent too.  Then it was time to go across the street to rows and rows of vendors.  Didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without.  They’re more vendors than last year but less people.  Vendors don’t care if it’s less people as long as they have more money.

I had to get one of those $3 corn dogs.  I like those big fat corn dogs.  About an half hour later it was time to get back to the rig.  The dog was coming thru and I needed to be near a toilet if you know what I mean.  McDonalds breakfast is the same way.

Carol and I decided it was time to do a little four wheeling in the orange Jeep.  It’s no side by side ATV but it’s still pretty neat.  The doc said no ATVing but he didn’t say anything about 4 wheeling in a Jeep. Nurse Crachet said it was OK.  We couldn’t find any dirt road so we made our own.  A few big gullies ups and downs no big deal, nice and slow.  Had to use 4 wheel drive low a couple of times.  We ended up out and the Boomers Club.  We ran into Dan & Jenny Sheppard out there.  There must have been about 40 – 50 rigs or so.  Dan was an instructor for me with the RV Driving School.  We talked and then it was time to leave.  Dan told us about a dirt road to get over to route 95.  We were on it for awhile but it was going in a direction we didn’t want to go so we just turned right and went our way across the desert.  Not to shabby.  Just a little 4 wheeling nothing serious. 

At the 4 o'clock social the Tilton’s officially pinned Carol with a Nurse Crachet pin.  For photo’s go to their web page at  I’ve been neglecting to take many pictures.  I blame that I’ve been concerned about somebody bumping my head/ear and thus just don’t want to carry a camera.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Here’s a later picture. DSC_0002


Now it’s $1 taco stand time.  A bunch of us (17) went to the little taco stand on Kuehn Street at Rice Ranch.  They have their $2 tacos for $1 between 4-6 PM everyday.  Plus they have a tent with tables and all that desert good stuff.  We sat around again like the 4 o'clock and shared our daily adventures some more.  The Forbes were nice enough to drive us there and back.  This is their first time to Quartzsite and they are really enjoying it.

Now it’s kitty time…….  DSC_0006

We ran the generator for about an hour and half at night.  We left the inverter on all day and that ate up some juice.  Otherwise the sun has been out and the solar panels are doing there job. 

Tomorrow were going to the solar desert bar and I’m taking my camera.  It’s a bar & grill out in the desert.  They’re only open daylight hours because it’s all solar.

See ya….