Monday, January 7, 2013

What Is A F.A.R.T.T.?

It’s the First Annual Rollover Together Thing (F.A.R.T.T.).  Here are it’s Board Members all of which who have rolled over in or on ATV at North Ranch.DSC_0009

I think they are making fun of me.  Here are the guest attendees.  It was kinda of a surprise party.  I knew a few probably would be here to have fun.  Denny & Susie organized it with Steve & Lila’s help.DSC_0007

Bob & Molly Pinner drove 180 miles one way from Tucson to attend this gala event.  Then turned around and drove back.  Whoa!  I guess they really wanted some butt.DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0002

I got presents.  Ensure and straws.  I like both!DSC_0010

I had to use the straws for dinner.  The Mac & Cheese was good along with the jello.  The pulled pork that Steve smoked was pretty dog on good.  Too bad I just had a very small piece due to my jaw hurting.DSC_0013

Give a kid a straw and what should you expect?  Hey I’m hurting. I can act stupid. I got a reason besides being a guy.DSC_0014

Then we went to the activity center for Sunday ice cream,  There was Vince.  DSC_0016 He was the first Congress EMT to reach me out in the desert.  Needless to say I really thanked him for tearing off my brand new clothes out in the middle of the desert in front of friends and rescuers.   I thought I was on a first date.  We joked about a very serious job he and others have like saving jerks lives out in the middle of no where.

All this fun is why I was so tired that evening/night (Sunday).  When a body goes thru a traumatic happening it kinda burns all of the energy up for awhile.  I guess that I ain’t suppose to do nutin like the doc said.  Isn’t a doctor’s advice suppose to give a thinking guy a reference so he can best pick what he knows is best? smile..ouch…..

See ya……