Friday, January 4, 2013

Saving A Life

And it was mine!  Thursday, January 3rd around noon I had an equipment failure while riding my side by side Razor.  It flipped me upside down and skidded to a stop.  Dennis Hill 050[2][1] My head was pinned between the roll cage and face down into the sandy ground.  My feet were entangled with seat belts.  I was wearing a lap belt that I came out of.  I was in trouble.  After a minute or so I was able to get away from the ATV that was now leaking gas.  Then I noticed I had a lot of blood coming from the right side of my head and felt a little weak.  I applied pressure.  Nothing seemed broke.  Denny Orr was in the lead and after a few minutes that seem liked forever he returned.  I had already attempted to contact 911 but had lost the signal several times.  I got in with Denny in his side by side ATV Razor.  He moved me to high ground and a better place for cell signals.  It was called Suicide Hill by the way.  Denny immediately contacted 911 and started the procedure to remove me out of the desert.  I was unable to ride out due to the head injury, bleeding and pain.  Denny contacted others like Susie Orr and Steve Dudley who actually brought out the Congress EMT team.  They stabilized me and started an IV and all that medical procedure stuff.  They made an immediate decision to call in Life Flight due to the serious and obvious head injury and possibility of other injuries.  When I heard them call in for Life Flight I got the feeling this was really a serious thing. duhhhhhh.  They flew me to a shock trauma hospital in Phoenix. Dennis Hill 045

I was greeted by a curious and anxious staff at the hospital.  I got CAT scanned,  X-rayed and poked a lot the first 10 minutes.  Then I was in a trauma surgery room with 3 doctors and nurses.  Three hours later they had stopped the bleeding and reattached my right ear.  It was just about ripped off all the way and was down to the bone.  Now comes the hard part for someone special.  Lila Dudley was driving my wife Carol to the hospital to see me.  They only knew that I had an ATV accident, was conscious and had had been taken to Phoenix via a Life Flight.   You can imagine that Carol was on the border of having a panic attack but Lila was a champ and made the hour and half trip safely.  Here is what she saw after a long wait.Camera(2) (1)

The only other injury was a bruised jaw and ego.   I ain’t pretty no more and have an excuse for being ugly.  How about you?

Denny Orr, Susie Orr and Steve Dudley were instrumental in saving my life by their quick actions to a life and death emergency.  As a Marine, I salute you all and say, “Job well done!”  Lila, I think you had the hardest job.  Thanks…

Oh, two days one night in the hospital.

Daily blogs will be questionable for the next few weeks.  The doc said no ATVing, nothing strenuous or even go outside for the first two weeks of my projected 6 week recovery.  I’m sore as all get out and can’t really chew food.  Hearing is minimal in one ear, none in the other and not selective hearing anymore.  I can’t wear my glasses because the ear is all bandage up.  Damn, I can’t see, can’t eat or hear.  Don’t they call that dead.

Tomorrow we move to a campsite so we can have electric heat 24/7.  How long will we be here at North Ranch now.  Unknown for sure.  We still have a frig appointment Monday.  I guess Carol might have to drive.

We’re planning to have a roll over party Sunday.  I got an extra pork butt and Steve said he will cook.  I guess my hunk of pork butt will be thru a straw.

So,  everyday is an adventure….

See ya, due to some very special people…..